A Happy Ending

It’s not widely known that Wilson, the real star of Cast Away, not only survived his immersion in the Pacific, but went on to find happiness with a netball he met in LA. Here, by way of proof, is a photograph of one of their children.


I wonder what happened to that Tom Hanks bloke?

David Harley


More Flattening than Flattering

Jude finally found something useful to do with a couple of my author’s copies: specifically, two volumes of a very bulky, heavy and expensive book for which I wrote a couple of chapters a few years ago. That is, for flattening photographs that have spent the past few years rolled up in a cardboard tube.


However, she also put this up in my studio. I’m hoping she isn’t implying that I’m too loud and a bit dozy.


David Harley


I dug this out of my photo collection because of a tenuous connection with an exchange of work email*, but couldn’t resist posting it here.

Spotted in a cafe in the Blue Mountains. The ones near Sydney, not those in Jamaica. And no mention at all of civet cat scat.


*Well, I was there to co-present a paper for ESET at AVAR. Sydney, that is, not Katoomba. That was a bit of our add-on holiday.

David Harley