Sesame Suggestions

Suggestions for an edition of Sesame Street presented by the letter K:

  • Kakistocracy
  • Kratocracy
  • Kleptocracy
  • KKK



Conficker and the Corridors of Power

I was asked this morning about a malicious program called Conficker that demanded a great deal of the security industry’s attention a few years ago. While refreshing my memory, I was reminded of a very-loosely-connected story from the BBC at the time (connected only in that I quoted it in a Conficker-centred blog article at the time).

The article mentions a warning to House of Commons staff and MPs against: “knowingly accessing or transmitting e-mails, text, images or internet material which might reasonably be considered offensive, unless on official business”.

As I said at the time:

So there it is: it’s official. It really is a politician’s job to be offensive.

But if you’ve been watching the news in recent months – actually, since the invention of television – that won’t come as news to you.

David Harley

Being in Demand

I’m fascinated to hear from LinkedIn that Dell, BAE and AXA are looking for candidates like me. Who’d have thought that grumpy old security authors who refuse to work full-time and decline to let an agency cream off some of their consultancy fees were in such short supply?

And what am I to make of the fact that two of those positions are for a junior analyst?

David Harley

‘Tis the season. Apparently.

The National Trust wants me to give a gift to our coast before Winter arrives. I was thinking about a scarf, but that’s an awful lot of knitting.

west bay

I am, in fact, an NT member, but I get very tired of appeals from charities I already support, wanting me to give more. There really is such a thing as compassion fatigue (I might come back to that), and even my fabulous riches are not unlimited.

David Harley

First we take Manhattan*

Anyone (republican or royalist) irritated to the point of apoplexy by the Sun’s extraordinary non-story about alleged Nazi salutes in the early 30s may nevertheless enjoy the spectacle of the Express and the Mail flocking to join the rush to cast the first stone.

It says something about the quality of the Mail’s research that the paper apparently believes that the Statue of Liberty is on Staten Island.

*These lines from Leonard Cohen’s song seem particularly apposite: “First we take Manhattan/Then we take Berlin”

David Harley