21 Rules for Computer Users

I came across this collection of ‘rules’ by accident today: I’d forgotten all about it, but I get a mention there because educationalist Terry Freedman and I were exchanging email for a while in the wake of a writing project he initiated. (Jude and I contributed some content which we actually expanded on in the AVIEN Guide to Malware. Just as well, as Terry’s project seems to have disappeared…)

I should immediately point out that while I drew Richards’ laws to Terry’s attention, my friend and one time co-author (on Viruses Revealed) Robert Slade drew them to my attention.

Anyway, you might find these 21 laws, rules and principles amusing.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World


Can the Can, or Arbitrage Outrage

Mostly I ignore spam – I just see too much of it. Occasionally I write about it, especially if it’s technically interesting or a fraud potentially effective enough to deserve a warning to the community. (To some extent, of course, all spam – as opposed to junk mail – is fraudulent.)

This is slightly different. It’s just funny. At least, this bit is:

“We also offer cost arbitrage opportunity wherein we can your backend arm and help you save your delivery cost.”

I can’t think why they think I’d be attracted by an offer to can my backend arm.

Now that’s a mental image I’d quite like to unsee.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World