A Gentle Reminder

Seen at the end of a very pleasant forest walk at the Tsitsikamma Lodge at Stormsrivier in the Eastern Cape – between Knysna and Port Elizabeth on the Garden Route – and (unsurprisingly) close to the Tsitsikamma National Park.

titsikamma lodge 1

Fortunately, I had.

Somewhere round here, I’ve got quite a few photos suitable for this blog. Watch this space.

David Harley

So that’s why Santa brought all those sweeties

Food for thought… I was slightly surprised last week by one of the items on the menu (fourth item down) at the Dickens Inn at St. Katherine’s Dock, London.

on the menu

Especially as I was in the company of my daughter, though fortunately she’s now an adult, and therefore unlikely to end up as a dish of goujons.

I’m reminded of the old joke about an apocryphal small ad.

Dog For Sale. In good health, has had all the injections. Will eat anything. Loves children.

(Dedicated to Kevin Townsend, a self-confessed grammatical fascist.)

David (eats, shoots, and leaves) Harley

Tangled in the Semantic Web

The worst thing about the modern Web is not that anyone and everyone is an author and/or a publisher. It’s not that there is so little respect for intellectual property, or for exceptional creativity. It’s not that everyone expects free copy. It’s not that we’re all crushed by data overload, whether it’s Big Data, news, or entertainment.

It’s the fact that everyone is an editor.

David Harley
Reluctant Web 2.0 Survivor

Decalcifying the NHS*

Apparently NHS England’s work on commissioning support services and marketing development – not to be confused with privatization, apparently – is being led by one Bob Ricketts.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a Dickens novel.

*Yes, I know that calcium deficiency isn’t the most common cause of rickets. ‘Depriving the NHS of vitamin D’ just didn’t seem to cut it as a title.

David Harley

F-Secure’s Password Prank

Grumpy old dataholic that I am, I’ve never seen a lot of point in April Fool’s Day, though perhaps there’s an interesting sub-text or two in Google’s pranks this year:

  • Does Google Nose imply that Google is trying harder to sniff out smelly Android malware? Well, I’m not holding my breath.
  • The Blue Gmail hoax has an interesting resemblance to a common school of Facebook scam: is this a slyattempt to revive interest in G+ by increasing its resemblance to the big F?

And would it make a lot of difference to my life if YouTube really was closing down? (And does Twttr’s abolishing of vowels mean that the company is modelling its security on Trend Micro’s fabled filtering?

Given what I do, though, I can’t resist F-Secure’s attempt to make a very serious point about bad passwords by way of a very silly story: Hacker Group Changes Millions of Passwords to “password”; Only 38% of Users Notice. I’m not sure how effective irony and sarcasm are as tools for user education, but it amused me, anyway. Hat tip to Gadi Evron for bringing it to my attention

David Harley