First we take Manhattan*

Anyone (republican or royalist) irritated to the point of apoplexy by the Sun’s extraordinary non-story about alleged Nazi salutes in the early 30s may nevertheless enjoy the spectacle of the Express and the Mail flocking to join the rush to cast the first stone.

It says something about the quality of the Mail’s research that the paper apparently believes that the Statue of Liberty is on Staten Island.

*These lines from Leonard Cohen’s song seem particularly apposite: “First we take Manhattan/Then we take Berlin”

David Harley


Towel Play

As Wimbledon 2015 fades into history I’m once more tempted by a Radio Times offer to supply me with Wimbledon towels. Sadly, my wife won’t let me order a ball girl to throw them at before and after each service.

Anyway, I’ve had enough trouble recently with argumentative bathroom accessories. I blame Douglas Adams, who described them as ‘the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have’.

David Harley
Living Monument to Political Correctitude