‘Tis the season. Apparently.

The National Trust wants me to give a gift to our coast before Winter arrives. I was thinking about a scarf, but that’s an awful lot of knitting.

west bay

I am, in fact, an NT member, but I get very tired of appeals from charities I already support, wanting me to give more. There really is such a thing as compassion fatigue (I might come back to that), and even my fabulous riches are not unlimited.

David Harley


Not a Sponsored Post…

Seen on a bus in Shrewsbury yesterday: apparently, losing weight improves your eyesight and reverses hair loss.

eyesight copy

I think I’m starting to understand this marketing thing.

And no, I’m definitely not in any way endorsing the clinic, even though they may (or may not) be the best thing since giving up sliced bread.

David Harley