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Moaning of the Bar

£20,173 is apparently considered the appropriate salary for a barista in the House of Lords:

Barista position – The salary figure for barista staff quoted in the Metro story on Friday 8 February 2013 reflects the skills required to undertake the role, in a central London setting. The House of Commons, along with very many other employers in London, recognise the unique costs of living and working in the capital and are proud to support initiatives such as the London Living Wage.

I presume that’s by way of additional remuneration for legal advice dispensed between espressos.

My old friend and fellow dinosaur Ken Bechtel has remarked that anti-malware researchers would never make lawyers because we’re not capable of passing the bar. I always assumed he meant something more like Cheers than Starbucks, but what do I know?

David Harley

* Three Fishers – or even Crossing the Bar.  Though a poem by Stanley J. Sharples, would probably fit the general tone of this blog better. Sadly, I don’t have permission to reproduce it in full, and you really need to read all four lines…