A Sigh of the Times

So Lily Allen hates being a celebrity, except when she has an album to promote. At least, that’s what Metro UK has reported, ahead of a cover interview in Elle. Yep, that’ll keep the profile low, Lil… But full marks for being reasonably honest about the need to play the game.

Actually, I agree with her. I hate her being a celebrity too.

(You didn’t really think I was going to whinge about my own almost invisible fame, did you? No, I love the free champagne and the infosec groupies. But the whole televisual cult of celebrity is largely responsible for my decision to resign from the human race just as soon as I can find an alien to adopt me.)

It’s not that I object to her as a person. And in most respects her records are inoffensive. In fact, I might even like one or two of them if it weren’t for that irritating and affected glottal stop. Sorry, glo’al. Is that really how they teach elocution in public schools nowadays? And now I learn that the glottal stop might be our most successful export to the US since the Beatles (Glottal stop).

One of the advantages of advancing age is that I’ll soon be too deaf to hear it.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World


Tidings of comfort and noise

I received a belated (but that’s my fault) and backhanded Xmas present. Nearly 50 years after I bought my first guitar, apparently I need a set of pitch pipes. Well, I suppose it would be easier to carry around than a piano. Especially as I seem to be the last player in the UK not to own an electronic tuner. Oh, wait a minute: there’s one built into my electro-classic…

Welcome to the 21st century, Mr Harley.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World