Kicking the Bucket

So barely have I finished grumping about the Railcard people wanting me to jump out of planes and climb trees – Seniors for the High Jump  – but I get email from British Airways making suggestions for my bucket list. Though it doesn’t actually suggest that I jump from one of BA’s planes.

Nonetheless, I look forward to the reminders that I don’t have much time left to take advantage of these generous offers…

David Harley

Pushing the Envelope

Changing address has brought its usual complement of hassles including an avalanche of change-of-address forms.

But if you’re going to send a DL reply envelope in a C5 envelope, wouldn’t you fold the form to be returned to fit the DL envelope (i.e. an A4 document folded twice) rather than the C5? But no, every time the form comes as A4 folded just once approximately in the middle…

David Harley

Facebook, the natural home of the liar

For Sophos, Lisa Vaas assures us that Over 75% of people lie on social media. Apart from the fact that I try to avoid believing in surveys on principle, I have to wonder how far you can trust the word of people who admit to lying. (I think the Liar Paradox probably applies.)

Mind you, there are those who think it’s a good idea to lie to Facebook et alia about personal data you can’t trust them to keep to themselves. But that would be one for another blog.

David Harley