Waldorf Word Salad

This is getting silly. Yesterday I got mail from a company calling itself HomeAdvisor Inc. in Waldorf, Maryland, addressing me as Davida and thanking me for choosing it for my project involving a heat pump service. (No comments, please, Facebook already supplies me with all the innuendo I need.)

Today it seems we’ve moved on from warm plimsolls to additional services. No, not that sort of service: bathroom remodeling, furnace installation, and so on. Well, perhaps I would benefit from having my exterior repainted. However…

While my wife assures me that I will be considering certain home improvements in the near future, I shan’t be offering work to a company 3,547 miles away that seems to think spam is an acceptable component of a Waldorf salad. I can’t speak for Davida, my evil twin, however. Especially as she is now demanding her own blog.

David Harley