What keeps security admins awake at night?


Not all passwords are as dumb as this, and I don’t expect to see them disappear tomorrow. (I was told they were obsolete in the 1990s: if only…) But for data that matter,  no-one should have to rely entirely on static passwords and passphrases. Here’s an article for ESET that explains multi-factor authentication – PINs, passwords, handheld devices, biometrics.

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I make no claim at all to be a cartoonist (let alone a real artist). However, some people seem to like my cheesy little (mostly IT-related) cartoons, photos, and cheap sarcasm, so I figured I might start putting them together in the same place. That doesn’t mean you won’t find them elsewhere, though. You don’t escape that easily.

If you like I can has cheezburger or Gary Larson, or XKCD, or secmeme, you’ll be totally underwhelmed by this. On the other hand, if it raises the faintest suggestion of a wry smile, you might also like Parodies Regained, which stays firmly in my comfort zone (i.e. is almost entirely textual content).

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