The Fake Conference Season Opens

Even the fake conference crowd are trying to drag me back into testing (again). Yes, ‘Making sense of comparative anti-malware testing’ sounds like a perfect fit for the World Gene Convention. Not. I’d have been more impressed if they’d picked up on my long-gone and rather peripheral connection with the Human Genome Project.

At least the repeated invitations to a dodgy forensics conference have some theoretical relevance to what I do now.

But seems that the Gene Genie has just picked up an article I wrote of Elsevier in 2009. Or, more probably, just the abstract.

F minus for effort. F double minus for ‘would you please respond to our earlier spam?’

David Harley 


Tangled in the Semantic Web

The worst thing about the modern Web is not that anyone and everyone is an author and/or a publisher. It’s not that there is so little respect for intellectual property, or for exceptional creativity. It’s not that everyone expects free copy. It’s not that we’re all crushed by data overload, whether it’s Big Data, news, or entertainment.

It’s the fact that everyone is an editor.

David Harley
Reluctant Web 2.0 Survivor

Rejection Slip-Up

If you enjoyed the previous article on this blog – Vanity Press (or The Glass Bead Game Revisited) – then there’s a very good chance you’ll enjoy “Rejection Letter” By Carl D’Agostino. In fact, there’s lots of good stuff on his blog you might enjoy. For a start, his cartoons are better drawn than mine.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow