The Fake Conference Season Opens

Even the fake conference crowd are trying to drag me back into testing (again). Yes, ‘Making sense of comparative anti-malware testing’ sounds like a perfect fit for the World Gene Convention. Not. I’d have been more impressed if they’d picked up on my long-gone and rather peripheral connection with the Human Genome Project.

At least the repeated invitations to a dodgy forensics conference have some theoretical relevance to what I do now.

But seems that the Gene Genie has just picked up an article I wrote of Elsevier in 2009. Or, more probably, just the abstract.

F minus for effort. F double minus for ‘would you please respond to our earlier spam?’

David Harley 

Decalcifying the NHS*

Apparently NHS England’s work on commissioning support services and marketing development – not to be confused with privatization, apparently – is being led by one Bob Ricketts.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a Dickens novel.

*Yes, I know that calcium deficiency isn’t the most common cause of rickets. ‘Depriving the NHS of vitamin D’ just didn’t seem to cut it as a title.

David Harley

Random thought of a jobbing author

Another thought via WordPress…

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. (Jules Renard)

For someone with a legitimate claim to describe himself as a professional author, I have to admit to a lot of writing that has made me no money at all. Even worse, if I took into account all the hours I’ve put into writing security books and the money I’ve made back from them, my hourly rate is probably a fraction of a cent. But I’m not going to attempt the math: I’m not looking for ways to depress myself.

David Harley