Heartbreak Hotels

Must be hard times in the hotel industry. I seem to have had email in the past few days from every hotel I’ve ever stayed in, reminding me of how much they miss me. What they also seem to be missing is that I don’t usually visit a place because of the hotel: I stay in the hotel so that I can visit the place (or because that’s where the conference is, but I’m not sure I’ll be going to any more conferences at this point in my career).

This is especially true of airport hotels: I just use them for a necessary stopover en route to or from somewhere. For instance, there are many good reasons to visit Vienna, but adding to my loyalty points is not a priority. And I have many thousands of points that I may never find a use for, because most of the places I still want to visit don’t have a hotel within 50 miles that will accept them…

David Harley


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