My friend and colleague Aryeh Goretsky drew my attention to a Tech Report article about a Topre mechanical keyboard.

This sounds quite sad, but I actually find this stuff mildly interesting. In my defence, I am a trained touch typist, which means that I have a keyboard for my iPad because the virtual keyboard is not only too small, but gives me no sensory feedback; I use an external keyboard for my netbook because the built in keyboard is uncomfortably small; and I use a Blackberry because although the keyboard is too small to touch type, at least the keys are in the right place.

In my first job after I learned to touch type properly (I originally taught myself, but picked up some horrible typing habits), I always preferred using the PC because the IBM keyboard gave me a combination of light pressure and responsiveness that gave me an immediate and entirely comfortable leap from about 60 WPM (my best speed on an electric typewriter) to 70+.

Nowadays, of course, no-one cares about my typing speed. Not even me, since nearly everything I type now is fed directly from between my ears to my fingers, and it takes me almost as long now to cast a sentence as it used to take me to copy-type a couple of paragraphs. On the other hand, I can’t help noticing, now that I’m actually thinking about it, how poor the keyboard on this laptop is.

Should I then spend a couple of hundred dollars on a decent keyboard. Well, maybe. For now, maybe I’ll move my Microsoft radio keyboard from the netbook that I use only for non-ESET email to this machine. Sadly, it probably won’t accelerate my thinking speed much.

Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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