(Protected) Source for the Goose, Source for the Gander

Thanks to Lewis Page, writing for the Register, we now know that the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, his partner David Miranda, and the Guardian itself deserved everything they got – such as nine hours in custody on shaky legal grounds and the destruction of data and hardware under the frosty eye of GCHQ – because of their “very poor information security practice”. So, apparently incompetence at keeping information confidential is in itself sufficient justification for attacks on privacy (not to mention the freedom of the press, whatever that means). I seem to remember an awful lot of hackers, crackers and virus writers espousing very similar arguments in the 1990s.

I imagine that many journalists and not-so-friendly foreign intelligence agencies might be happy to suggest that  the US and UK governments might want to consider the implications of their own effectiveness at keeping both their own secrets and those of their own spied upon protected populations, in the light of that proposition.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World


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