System Administrator Appreciation Day

…is today, apparently.

I can’t say I remember getting much appreciation when that was my own job title, but evidently things have changed a bit. Sophos is making quite a big thing of it on its Naked Security blog.

I was reminded by the ‘Worst things to say’ blog of an article I saw many years ago in much the same context. It took a bit of finding, but it turned out that another site had the same thought a couple of years ago.

Advice to employees on the proper use of the System Administrator’s valuable time

You need to go down the page a bit to find the reprinted section about Ted the mistreated sysadmin. Most people will love it apart from sysadmins and support professionals who might worry that someone will take it seriously, and those awful people who really do regard the people they work with so inconsiderately. But I’ve worked with enough people like that myself not to worry about offending them… Not at ESET, by the way. Those days are long gone.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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