More random (security) thoughts of an occasional itinerant

I just discovered one of those notebooks I use to write notes to myself on long flights. Unfortunately, my handwriting is execrable, so sometimes I’m guessing at what I actually wanted to write. I really must use my iPad more.

1) Seen at airport: a sign just after Security that might have been designed expressly as support for Bruce Schneier: “Please recycle your security balls after use.” [I have no recollection at all of where it was that I saw liquids being exiled to transparent spheres rather than clear plastic bags. Maybe it was just a fantasy.]

2) Waiting for the Hotel Hoppa at Heathrow. Every time an airliner comes over at zero-feet, we all look up to watch it traverse the hotel roof. “Gee, a plane landing. Who’d expect to see that a couple of blocks from Terminal 5?” (OK, not much security content in that…)

3) The one scrap of dialogue from Battleship worth requoting: “In God we trust. All others we track.”

4) Dear BA: I don’t mind in principle filling in your survey – after all, I’ve got at least nine hours to do it in – but what’s the point of sealing it with my personal data on the outside?

David Harley
Reluctant Nomad


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